Saturday, February 26, 2011

Indie Spirit

The Independent Spirit Awards are held tomorrow.  The Oscars are the big, glamorous deal but I kinda like the Indies better.  Go figure.  They're so laid back, take place on the beach under a tent, and people always wear cooler and more fashion-y outfits.  Let's face it, how many more strapless, shiny mermaid gowns do we need to see?  And, I really wish Michelle Williams would win for Blue Valentine. She was just heartbreakingly good.  (Ryan was robbed.)
I'm betting we at least see some interesting clothes.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Erdem AW/11 via
Mulbery AW/11 via

With the exception of the polka-dot tights at the always awesome Marc Jacobs show, New York fashion week this go-round was a bit meh, in my humble opinion (copyright Angela Chase).
Then along comes London to save the sartorial day.  Granted, I'm a self-confessed Anglophile, but I love, love, loved all the color and prints and coats and eccentric, tweedy, miss-matched Britishness. Totally makes me miss wandering around Primose Hilll in the cold, stopping to browse at the bookshop on Regent's Park Road and shop for my imaginary dream home in the estate agent's window, not that I ever looked that well dressed doing it.  And that pink bag! sigh.
Check out Sasha aka LibertyLondonGirl's tumblr for great pics from the trenches.  Milan and Paris have a lot to live up to!

Happy Birthday George!

My sister's favorite Beatle, George Harrison, would have been 68 today (Or yesterday, depending on who you ask). To celebrate, do as George told us, and love one another.  Or just name your haircut Arthur.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Red Lipstick

photo  via garance dore
I'll be turning the big (gulp) 3-0 in a couple months and one of the things I'd like to finally figure out is how to rock a serious, full-on, grown up red lip.  How gorgeous does this girl look? 

I'm  not talking about  stained, sheer popsicle-mouth color, either.  I'd like to graduate from Benetint and Lipstick Queen Medieval to a good matte classic lipstick.  Like Tom Ford Private Blend Lipcolor in Cherry Lush or Smoke Red.  MAC Russian Red and Nars seem to be the standard go-to, but Mr. Ford's look so much more elegant, no? Since I am all about looking for a greener option, Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipcolor in Red Delicious might be a good (wallet-friendlier to boot) alternative. 
When the rest of the face is kept minimal, a crimson lip looks fresh and modern.  I'm working up my nerve.