Friday, March 25, 2011

DIY Lipcolor

Vogue Daily had a piece on Jeanine Lobell, founder of Stila, making lipsticks and glosses in the kitchen with her daughter and friends.  She used mineral pigments, a vitamin E stick, and castor oil, and melted them down in the microwave.  Looks like, good, not-so-clean fun.  Great activity to do at home with a bunch of girls, and you get to customize your own lip product.

The post didn't give many details, but it looks pretty easy.  If the kids can do it, I guess I can.  (Meanwhile, I don't have a cool enough name to hang out with this bunch: Poppy, Wallis, Gray, Esme, Jasper, oh my.)  I was happy to read the little bit of info that she has some upcoming projects, including a collaboration with Opening Ceremony (!)  Will definitely be keeping my eyes open for that one.

I have a bunch of little baggies of mineral color sitting around; samples from ordering mineral makeup.  I just need some little pots and my microwave is going to be very busy. I'm thinking about all sorts of possibilities.  You could add your own essential oils, like mint or lavender, different moisturizers, like jojoba or coconut oil, and mix until you got exactly what your little obsessive heart desired. And think of all the crazy things you could name your finished product.  You could give Mr. Nars  a run for his money in the obscure names department.   I'm getting so excited just thinking about it.  Now, if Jeanine would cough up the secret formula for my dearly departed Stila Natalie lipstick, my happiness would be complete.

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