Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jamie Magazine


During my regular lunchtime perusal of the magazine aisle at Borders, I found myself glued to a copy of Jamie Magazine, the food magazine from British chef Jamie Oliver.  I was really impressed with the magazine, which has an interesting layout, great pictures, cool graphics and fonts, and is printed on that good thick matte paper.  It had a bunch of entertaining foodie articles on a variety of topics, from Italian produce to English ciders, and is just really well done.  Not at all what you'd expect from a "celebrity chef."

I really admire what Jamie Oliver has done to bring awareness to the sorry state of school lunches in England and now America, and I once saw him rather gallantly fend off a paparazzo in Primrose Hill while holding one of his adorable daughters (the guy was awful, anyone would have lost their cool), but having lived in England for a while I'm still not sold on the idea of a Brit telling me how to cook.  In fairness, I haven't brought myself to try any of the recipes, so I should reserve judgment.  I think I'll finally give Jamie a try.  It's definitely worth checking out for a hip, un-stuffy approach to food.

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